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The next time I do this task, I am going to ask them to all use a flashlight and have to come up with a way to use the light (besides just turning it on and off) to communicate a message.  A few groups understood how to create a device but didn't use much unit vocabulary because they simply flashed the light on or off.  

The group (whose examples are in the resource section of the Evaluate section) had an interesting idea.  When you watch the video, you can see they are reflecting the light off the mirror and shining it onto the wall.  The person receiving the signal is reacting the the light on the wall rather than just a beam of light just being flashed at them.  

  Looking At Their Work
  Performance Tasks: Looking At Their Work
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Assessing Light Knowledge

Unit 4: Sound and Light Waves
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Objective: SWBAT design a communication tool, using sound waves, to direct a student to walk forwards and backwards.

Big Idea: Will the lightbulb go off? Today you will find out as students create a way of communicating over a distance using the concepts of light waves.

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