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Although I explained to my students that using inverse operations to solve algebraic equations will prove useful for more complex problems in the future, they still questioned the need for "all this work" when they could find the answer mentally.

Next year I think it will be beneficial to begin the lesson by presenting students with a complex multi-step algebraic equation, such as 8a + 4(5a + 2) = 12a.  I will discuss with students how finding the value of a would be very difficult to do without a set of organized steps.  Students may even want to attempt to solve the problem on their own, which could help them realize that they need a plan.

Presenting students with a complex problem could also serve as a motivator for the lesson and garner students' interest in the topic.  I think it would be important to let students know that by the end of this topic they will be able to solve this problem.

  Why all this work?
  Relevance: Why all this work?
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Solving 1 Step Algebraic Equations

Unit 14: Algebra
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: SWBAT solve one step algebraic equations.

Big Idea: Students use algebra tiles to solve equations.

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