Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Dilation Tasks - Section 3: Student Work Time


After teaching this lesson, I realized that my students were not making sense of the scale factor for a dilation in the way that I would have liked them to. Many of my students were still seeing the scale factor as a random ratio and they would throw it (or its reciprocal) into a proportion and hope for the best. 

I wanted them to see the scale factor more as a number, a factor, by which linear measures are multiplied. In that way, they could use number sense to connect the value of the scale factor to the nature of the dilation. I explain this a little more, and what I would do differently, in the following video:


  Scale Factor and Number Sense
  Adjustments to Practice: Scale Factor and Number Sense
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Dilation Tasks

Unit 6: Similarity
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of dilations to complete tasks and solve problems

Big Idea: Taking dilations to task. In this lesson, students will demonstrate their mastery of dilations by tackling challenging problems and tasks.

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