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I frequently introduce students to some of my favorite websites - where I go when I am looking for reliable information.

Most people are visual learners so I like to share with students websites where they can watch academic videos. These videos can be used to learn more about the current topic or review what they might have missed when they were absent.

Search for Hank Green on You Tube for information science videos. I also like TED and TED-ED. Another site hosted by Scholastic is called Study Jams. The videos on Study Jams also have vocabulary links for students.

Students do not intuitively know where to go for reliable information on the web. Giving students a go to list is simply good practice.

  Learning Takes Place Outside the Classroom Too!
  Flexibility: Learning Takes Place Outside the Classroom Too!
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Genetics - Tour of the Basics Web Quest

Unit 7: Genetics
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify the basics of genetics; heredity, traits, DNA, genes, proteins and chromosomes.

Big Idea: Why do I look like my parents? A guided web quest will guide you through the basics of genetics.

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