Reflection: Rigor Trying Again to Save the Gingerbread! - An Continuation of an Assessment Task on Density - Section 3: The Test


In this lesson, the student made improvements upon a structure to improve its functionality, just like an engineer would do.  This lesson was taught late into the school year.  Most likely, I would not have attempted this lesson in the fall. 

I am so proud of my students.  They did amazing work with this task.  They were thoughtful and really came up with some great solutions that improved the overall performance of their raft.  I am probably most amazed by the raft whose video was shared in this lesson.  The raft kept tilting to it's side.  The students saw that this was a weakness of the raft and they tried to come up with a way to compensate for it.  I was thinking, More egg cartons!  They came up with a completely different solution and one that I would not have thought of.  They used a drinking straw as a brace to prop the one side of the raft up.  The raft could not roll over with this improvement.  Wow!! I would have never thought of this, but these crafty kindergarteners did.

This really goes to show that kindergarteners are prepared to handle these types of performance tasks.  There is no need to shy away from them.  I am going to continue to look for ways to incorporate these kind of tasks into my science instruction.

  Amazing Work!
  Rigor: Amazing Work!
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Trying Again to Save the Gingerbread! - An Continuation of an Assessment Task on Density

Unit 6: Sink or Swim
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of density by making revisions to a model.

Big Idea: The students will try to improve their rafts and save the gingerbread boy!

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Science, Science Skills, engineering, density
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