Reflection: Trust and Respect Plaid Pete Is Finding Earth's Place in the Universe Unit Review - Section 5: Reflection & Closure


I am remembering back to the beginning of the school year.  I had high hopes for each and every one of my students.  Most of all, I wanted them to learn to respect and value each other. They came with different strengths and skills, and I wanted them to trust that they all had a part in this classroom community that we would co-create together.  That's what a classroom community is - a co-creation.

One of the biggest goals I have for all of my students is that they will develop trust and respect for each other.  This means that regardless of previous judgements:  this year and in this classroom we will find something to value from each and every member.  Every student contributes.  Every student has something important to give.  Every student matters.  Saying those words is the easy part.  The hard part is making them actionable. This has been a good year.  These students have made me proud to be their teacher.

Goodbye Mr. P.  You are one of our great scientists and have the esteem of your peers. Some school in Arizona will be lucky to have you!

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  Trust and Respect: Shining Stars
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Plaid Pete Is Finding Earth's Place in the Universe Unit Review

Unit 5: Plaid Pete is Finding Earth's Place in the Universe
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT to review for the unit assessment on Earth in Space Science.

Big Idea: Students are given mini-scenarios with erroneous information that prompt them to make a claim and engage in an argument from evidence, in order to review what they have learned for the unit assessment.

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