Reflection: Checks for Understanding Algebraic Expressions Quiz - Section 2: Administering the Quiz


The majority of my students finished the quiz in 15 minutes, with time to check their work and attempt the challenge problem.  The most common mistakes that students made were:

1) When translating the algebraic expression, students didn't apply the operation of "less than" correctly.  They needed to subtract 2 from 3x.

2) Students confused the coefficient with the constant when completing the chart.

3) For problem 4, students didn't simplify the expression completely.  For example, they didn't subtract a from 7a and included a as a separate term. Students forgot that a has a coefficient of 1, which I sometimes referred to as the "invisible 1".

4)  For the challenge problems, students were able to provide one method for finding the perimeter, but didn't remember how to apply the formula for perimeter, P=2L+2W, using algebraic expressions.

In the future when preparing students for this quiz, I think it will be helpful to provide them practice with identifying and correcting these type of mistakes.

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  Checks for Understanding: Taking the Quiz
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Algebraic Expressions Quiz

Unit 14: Algebra
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: SWBAT show their understanding of algebraic expressions.

Big Idea: Students take a quiz on algebraic expressions

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