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As a teacher who is very involved in my students and what they are learning, I find that I forget to record them and their learning and activities.  It is something that I strive to remember and be better about.  This lesson is one that I "forgot" to video tape with students. 

I find that when I do remember to tape the students working, I can go back and watch them and it makes my teaching better.  I see things that I would do differently the next time or I hear comments from students that strike ideas within me.

I would encourage every teacher to find the time and resources to be able to videotape as many lessons or parts of lessons as possible.  It is a great learning tool for you as the teacher.   You'll learn so much about how you present lessons and how your students are learning information.

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Pinecone Experiments

Unit 4: Trees
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students learn that pinecones can close up to protect seeds by observing what happens when placing open pinecones in water.

Big Idea: Kindergarten students learn about survival adaptations of organisms!

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Science, Science Skills, inquiry, evergreen, pinecones, tree
  50 minutes
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