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I often struggle to find a good way to quickly identify student needs in order to differentiate instruct in a timely manner.

The great thing about High-Adventure Science is the ability to create custom reports. I can see all student responses to a key question at a glance. I do not have to wait for papers to be turned in and then spend a great deal of time sorting through hand-written responses.

This is so much easier to differentiate and do so in a timely fashion - when the learning is still fresh, relevant and students are not as resistant to changing their paradigm. 

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Sources, Sinks, and Feedbacks

Unit 11: Weather
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT describe the relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide, ocean surface levels and water vapor in terms of a positive feedback loop.

Big Idea: How does the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere effect atmospheric temperatures?

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