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My classroom is made up of a large variety of learning levels. I have a few ELL students, one mono-lingual, three developmentally delayed, three speech, two gifted and a varied levels of "average" upon entry to kindergarten.

The kids in my class asked me to make some of their science learning more visible for them, so for this lesson I put worms in a clear container with soil so the kids can see them burrow and "eat" as they move about.This observable model of a worm habitat gives the kids first-hand view of what happens in the day in the life of a worm and brings the texts that we read "alive" for the kids.

Taking student requests and honoring them when possible makes the ownership of learning reachable for young kids. It also develops a classroom of respect and responsibility for all because the kids feel important and respected by the teacher and each other, which benefits them by reducing negative classroom behavior incidences and increasing rigor without resistance.

  Making it accessible and visible to all
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Making it accessible and visible to all
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What do Worms do Anyway?

Unit 4: What's with the wiggling?
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain the importance of the roll worms play by hearing a story and creating a take home book.

Big Idea: This lesson emphasizes that worms are not slimy yucky animals, but rather helpful contributors to the world!

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what worms do
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