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 This lesson in particular really pushes students learning into their home environment. They have to look at energy use and behavior at home and create a plan to save both energy and money for their household. This is powerful learning and so critical not only for this generation of learners all our students to come as energy demand is going to continue to be an issue for generations. This entire unit lends itself to project-based learning and this one lesson encapsulates a lot of what can be done in a project-based learning environment. Mathematics, science, writing, social studies are all combined in the production of the presentations. 

  Using Classroom Learning to Change Habits at Home
  Real World Applications: Using Classroom Learning to Change Habits at Home
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It Ain't Easy Being Green

Unit 5: Energy: Where we get it and how we use it.
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Objective: SWBAT design a solution to reduce the amount of energy consumed in their homes.

Big Idea: Students have to identify a minimum of three items in their homes that they could make more efficient to change lower their utility bills.

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