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My classroom is made up of a large variety of learning levels. I have a few ELL students, one mono-lingual, three developmentally delayed, three speech, two gifted and a varied levels of "average" upon entry to kindergarten.

Having the kids share what they've learned serves a variety of purposes:

  • My ELL kids can hear language modeled and mimic it as they learn to develop their own thoughts in English
  • My speech and developmentally delayed kids can hear the vocabulary used in statements generated by other students and copy the use
  • My high-achievers and gifted kids can model development of scientific statements and/or arguments based on evidence

Through the implementation of shared learning, all my kids have grown tremendously over the year to this point. My mono-lingual student has begun to speak in complete sentences without prompting, my shyest kids have started to speak freely in front of the class with ease, and my DD and speech kids have begun to formulate evidence-based statements with the support of their classmates. Open dialogue and shared learning is the key to raising rigor and performance in the classroom in all subjects, not just science.

  Learning from each other
  ELL Students: Learning from each other
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Worming Around, Likes and Dislikes

Unit 4: What's with the wiggling?
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify things that worms like and dislike by hearing a story and making observations.

Big Idea: Kids learn a lot of information about animals that is false. This lesson helps them learn the truth about worms in a fun way.

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Science, Science Skills, Data Use and Analysis, inquiry, experiment, worm
  45 minutes
worms in dirt
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