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Young kids think all worms are the wiggly things you see on the sidewalk after a heavy rain, especially young kids who live in the desert. The kids in my class thought just that so an image search was a great way to show them that their are thousands of different types of worms.

I simply did a Google search for "types of worms" and an explosion of different types of worms came up in my image search. Some of the images identified the different types of worms and some didn't. It doesn't matter! The goal here is to show the kids that not all worms are tan/brown, slimy and wiggling. I also explain to them that not all worms live in dirt, some live in water and some live in host animals.

This concept was so novel to my kids that they went crazy with it. At the next library time we had they bombarded the librarian with wanting to check out books about worms. Some of my kids went home and bugged their parents to do a web search about worms until they read about a ton of different species.

  Why image search?
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Why image search?
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Catching Katie, the Canadian Nightcrawler!

Unit 4: What's with the wiggling?
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Objective: SWBAT identify and diagram the parts of a worm by observing a night crawler.

Big Idea: Young children often know of worms, but have never really touched one. This lesson gives them the opportunity to enjoy them up close.

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Science, Science Skills, diagram, inquiry, experiment, worm
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canadian nightcrawlers
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