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I try to pre-asses the students whenever possible so that I can see what kinds of knowledge they may already have about a concept, or to also find out what misconceptions they may have. I really liked using this website from the Science Channel although Newton's voice (or mumbling) took some getting used to. Although the quiz the students took wasn't authentically a pre-assessment since they were watching demonstrations and explanations beforehand, I felt that it was a good quiz to use at the beginning of the lesson and I could either use the same one at the end, or create a new quiz (which is what I chose to do). I want to see at the end of the lesson, that students made progress and improved from their initial scores. 

Some students did really well with the initial quiz so they could opt out of the last quiz. I also want to make sure that these students will be challenged enough in the lesson, so they become my lab helpers (setting up the experiments and supporting the other students with the experiments).

  Use of Website to frontload information and to pre-assess
  Pre-Tests: Use of Website to frontload information and to pre-assess
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Newton's Laws of Motion

Unit 3: Gravity
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT practice Newton's 3 Laws of Motion using simple experiments.

Big Idea: Sir Isaac Newton is a scientist who studied gravity and motion. Students will participate in an investigation that explores Newton's three laws of motion.

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