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I think it is so important for students to not only learn concepts and curriculum, but, maybe even more importantly, to create an understanding about how they learn.  It is also just as important for students and teachers to realize when learning happens. 

This is why I ask the types of questions you witnessed in this session.  Asking students to identify what helped them most, or what confused them, or how they know they learned is so helpful to the learner.  It offers an opportunity to think about their thinking (metacognition), offer evidence of learning, and hear other students describe the same.

As an instructor, it is another great way to uncover misconceptions, gain ideas of other ways to present and interact with information, and prepare mini lessons/lessons for the future.

Try not to forget to allow self assessment time for your students, not only in the content areas, but about their thinking/learning. 

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  Student Self-Assessment: Self Assessment
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Electromagnets (2/3)

Unit 9: Electricity
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to construct understanding about electromagnets through structured research.

Big Idea: Students have learned and experimented with both magnetism and electricity. It is now time, during these 3 lessons, to put that information together and explore the concept of electromagnets!

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homemade electromagnet
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