Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Mining for Ore - Section 1: Introduction


I chose to begin this lesson with a discussion of Minecraft mainly because it was a good way to get students interested in the discussion, even before they knew there were cookies involved, but there are other parallels between the game and real life.  You could spend hours and go through many tools clearing a giant pit, making sure you've gotten all the ore possible, or dig a shaft and hope you get lucky.  I didn't need to get much deeper than this, but there is a whole community of educators that are finding ways to bring Minecraft into the classroom at MinecraftEdu.

  Leveraging Student Interest
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Leveraging Student Interest
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Mining for Ore

Unit 6: Natural Resources
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT understand that the more natural resources you extract, the greater the impact on the land.

Big Idea: How can you use models compare mining methods?

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Science, natural resources, Mining
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