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Being Thorough in Planning

When groups started submitting their planning sheets I quickly realized they were not spending enough time planning.  They were not being thorough in their diagrams or research and thus were submitting work such as the Unaccepted Marble Mover Planning Sheet shown below. 


I had these groups redo their design on the back of the page with more detail and more neatly drawn.  A picture of their redone diagram is below.  


In order to help them plan better, next time I do this activity I will provide them with some useful cites to use for research.  Many groups such as the one above, did not completed research, they just began diagramming their model.  Other groups that wanted to try and work in loops did do a little research first.   I did not have any groups successfully complete a loop so this is something I would need to help them research to be more successful.  I would also show them a video that may help them plan.  A video such as the one below could be used to show them different possibilities that could be done, as well as show a completed loop make from paper towel rolls.. I would only show the first 2 minutes of the video as it is lengthy. 


  High Expectations: Being Thorough in Planning
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Gravity Powered Marble Mover (Day 1)

Unit 4: Motion, Forces and Interactions
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use the engineering design process to create a structure that uses the force of gravity to get a marble from the top, to a cup located at the bottom.

Big Idea: Students earn points for adding in a variety of ramps, loops, and jumps into the structure they build to move their marble to a cup.

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