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Working with partners is a great way for all students to get a chance to actively participate in the lesson and share their ideas.  I have students return to their seats to do this in my classroom because my carpet is small and the students would not have very much room to work.  Since this is the first time that my students are doing a partner activity, I check in with every pair (some more than once) to make sure that they know what to do and are staying on task.  You can differentiate your instruction at this time based on the students needs.  For one group that was really struggling, I took a piece of paper and put 3 red dots and 3 green dots on it.  I had the students match a color tile to each dot to form their equal groups.  Both groups at one of my tables got finished very quickly.  I set out a set of unequal groups for them to look at and decide what they needed to do to make the groups equal.

  Working With Manipulatives and Partners
  Working With Manipulatives and Partners
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Equal Groups (Review)

Unit 1: Comparing and Sorting Objects
Lesson 11 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to use their math vocabulary and compare groups of objects to decide if they are equal quantities.

Big Idea: Comparing the number of objects in two groups, using one-to one-correspondence, is a foundational skill that students will build on as they begin to compare numbers.

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