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For me, the warm-up question is a major part of the lesson that is often underestimated for the impact it can have on the lesson.  When I plan a lesson, I first consider the student learning targets.  Then, knowing what it is I expect students to know or do, I plan backward from the desired outcome.  This type of backward planning allows me to vertically design the lesson, with the intent that everything that is included in the lesson, from the warm-up forward has an intended purpose that supports students' attainment of the learning targets.

I use warm-up questions to review, predict or activate thinking.  I typically use questions that allow students to engage in the learning process.  If I can create relevance at the start of the lesson with the warm-up question, then half the battle is won in terms of student engagement.

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  Vertical Alignment: Warm-Up Questions
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Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
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Objective: Students will be able to identify the 3 major subatomic particles and understand how electrons fill energy levels within the atom.

Big Idea: It's not a "Bohr" if you know how electrons fill energy levels.

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subatomic particles, Science, Atomic Number, Atomic Mass, isotope, atom, proton, neutron, electrons
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