Reflection: Checks for Understanding Balanced and Unbalanced Forces - Section 5: Wrap Up


Opportunities for Assessing Throughout the Lesson

All students performed well on the exit ticket assessment because of the many formative assessment opportunities I planned into the lesson.  While students practiced with new knowledge during the game I was able to assess at the end of each game which groups were struggling.  Since we played three games I could see the improvement that was made and knew which groups I needed to pull for individual help during the next activity. 

As groups created their own game cards, I was able to circulate and listen to conversation.  Since this was a higher level activity then the previous game played, I was able to assess which students really had a good understanding of the content because they were able to transfer the knowledge and apply it to create their own cards.  Some groups struggled with this so I was able to guide them a little to get them started and then they could continue on their own.  

While they did this activity I was able to work individually with the groups that struggled in the game. While groups presented their cards I was able to monitor these groups that had previously struggled to see if my reteaching had helped improve their understanding.  

The final assessment was the exit ticket.  Students were all able to calculate net force and determine how it affects motion.  The only area of weakness was the use of the proper science vocabulary.  This provided me with information on what I need to reinforce in future lessons  


  Opportunities for Assessing Throughout the Lesson
  Checks for Understanding: Opportunities for Assessing Throughout the Lesson
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Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Unit 4: Motion, Forces and Interactions
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT determine which direction an object will move when multiple forces are acting on it.

Big Idea: Students determine how their game piece will move based on the force cards provided. All groups that move their piece correctly will end up at the same location on the game card.

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