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This experiment was beneficial to my students because they had the opportunity to measure various solids, weight, and length. The students were familiar with using a ruler, but it is a skill that we continue to have to work on because some students want to start measuring at 1 instead of 0 or at the edge of the ruler if they do not see a 0.  The investigation allowed me to reinforce how to use a ruler effectively. Also, the students enjoyed weighing the solids because they have not worked with balance scales and grams. This investigation provided students with a chance to use science tools to measure solids, weight, and length.

  We can measure solids.
  Student Communication: We can measure solids.
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Measuring Solids

Unit 9: Learning About Matter
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT measure and compare solids in two ways.

Big Idea: Solids can be measured by length and mass.

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Science, Physical Science, Properties of Matter, matter, solids, Science Process Skills, measuring, length, mass, liquid, gas, solids
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