Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Reversible Reactions - Section 3: PhET Simulation


This activity is based on one posted by Ryan White at the PhET website.

In our first year, I knew our curriculum was not going to have students deal with the equilibrium expression, so I deleted his references to K, but still had students calculate the ratios.

This year, I had students do things the same, but with the realization of my color blind student, I re-organized the data table to match the simulation.  Now the number of green balls is on the left of the data table, same as on the screen, and also listed as "A".  Likewise I moved the red to the right of the data table.

As we are not investigating K, I removed the ratios completely.  This allowed for more space in the data table, which I used to extend the time of data collection.  Now all students should have enough time to observe the reaction arrive at equilibrium.

Lastly, after my students struggled with making a double line graph, I made the graphing directions more explicit for next year.  I shared my changes with my building chemistry team, and those who used it stated it went very smoothly in their classes, better than the one the year prior.

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Reversible Reactions

Unit 5: Kinetics and Equilibrium
Lesson 9 of 17

Objective: SWBAT use computer models to understand reversible reactions, and that one side -- reactants or products -- of the reaction may be favored.

Big Idea: Students can visualize reversible reactions using computer simulations.

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