Reflection: Game: What's the Missing Number? (Distributive Property) - Section 3: Game/Group Activity


The students loved this activity!  They were all engaged in the lesson.  When the class period ended, they were very disappointed because they did not want the class to end.  I monitored and checked answers.  It gave me the opportunity to identify the students that I will pull for remediation of this skill.

As I planned this lesson, I knew that it would be a lesson that the students would enjoy while practicing the Distributive Property.  As it unfolded in the classroom as I envisioned, I realized that if I plan lessons that I am excited about, then the students will also be excited about the lesson.  

This lesson required the students to show that they understood the Distributive Property.  If the students did not understand the Distributive Property, then they would not be able to find the missing numbers to the number sentences.  

During this game, I found that some students really did not know the skill as well as I thought.  Therefore, I have planned remediation sessions for these students.

  Game: What's the Missing Number?
  Game: What's the Missing Number?
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Game: What's the Missing Number? (Distributive Property)

Unit 9: Multiplication and Division Meanings
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: SWBAT use the distributive property and other regrouping properties to simplify multiplication involving 6s, 7s, & 8s by rewriting one of the factors.

Big Idea: The Distributive Property can make multiplication easier by breaking a number sentence into easier problems.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, distributive property, Operations
  55 minutes
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