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I found that for this test, my students' confidence level ended up matching their grade. As I walked around during the lab during the past two class periods and asked students questions, I was able to evaluate how prepared they were for the test. As I graded the tests, I noticed the students whom I felt had low confidence in the material ended up doing poorly and those whom I felt had high confidence ended up doing great. I am still not sure what I would do to improve confidence in students, but I think that is an important aspect that sometimes I overlook when assessing students. I think that students' performance throughout the unit was reflected clearly on the test since the learning targets were assessed formatively with checkpoints during the lessons leading up to the test and then assessed summatively on the test with similar types of questions.

  Students confidence level matches their score.
  Unit Exams: Students confidence level matches their score.
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Waves and Wave Phenomena Test

Unit 6: Waves and Wave Phenomena
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to show what they have learned throughout the unit about periodic motion and waves.

Big Idea: Students show what they know about waves in an assessment.

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