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This investigation worked well for the students. They had the opportunity to learn more in-depth about solids while observing spoons.  In looking at the spoons, the students were able to discuss the properties of the spoons.  They were able to make the connection that you can describe matter by the way it looks, feels, color, size, and shape. In discussing why some spoons float and some spoons sink, the students concluded that the metal spoon shook due to the weight. However, I informed them that was a misconception. All heavy objects do not sink. Objects sink or float due to the density of an object and how the object is constructed. 

Overall, I enjoyed this lesson for my students and I will teach it again because I could use objects they were familiar with to help them better understand solids.

  Exploring Spoons
  Student Ownership: Exploring Spoons
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Identifying the Properties of Solids

Unit 9: Learning About Matter
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the properties of solids.

Big Idea: Students use various kinds of spoons made from different materials to determine their properties as well as to determine if they will sink or float.

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Science, Properties of Matter, liquid, matter, gas, solids
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