Reflection: Adjustments to Practice The “Write” Properties of Water, part 2 - Section 4: Independent Practice


After  reading the constructed responses, I realized that I need to give my students many more opportunities to practice writing in class because their responses had not met the requirements of the rubric.   I considered how I had taught the lesson and how I given them a rubric to use but I realized that I had not given them an exemplar as an example.  While I was happy that they could repond correctly to the questions, my intent was to focus on the writing practice, which somehow was missed by students in the completion of the task.

I realized that I had to start intentionally working to overcome the mindset of most students that" a science class is not Language Arts, so why do I need to write like I'm in Language Arts?".  I know that growing my students to write in science "like they write in ELA" is a process so I've become more intentional about providing them opportunities to write so that they will build their scientific writing skills.

  Adjustments to Practice: Self-Reflection
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The “Write” Properties of Water, part 2

Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
Lesson 9 of 30

Objective: Students will be able to state the properties of water and explain their importance in maintaining life processes.

Big Idea: Water behaves like its covered by plastic wrap.

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Writing Process, hydrogen bonds, Science, covalent bonds, polarity, Solute, liquid, gas, solvent, water, solids, H2O, Adhesion, Cohesion, capillary action, constructed response
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