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The ATP-ADP cycle is not always easily understood by students.  But having made the lesson more relevant by tying the ATP-ADP cycle to the use of a cell phone, students now graps the concept more readily.

This lesson seems to resonate with my students because of the cell phone culture in which they've been raised.  Tying the concept of ATP to the cell phone has helped students retain the concept. When students are struggling to reflect the correct thinking about the ATP_ADP cycle, I will say "Remember the cell phone" and they are able to correct their thinking about the cycle.  Whenever possible, it is useful for take time to develop relevance for students for a particular lesson because it helps them comprehend and demonstrate their understanding of concepts.


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Cell Energy

Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
Lesson 5 of 30

Objective: Students will be able to identify ATP as the energy unit of the cell and explain its role in the cycling of energy through the processes of photosynthesis and respiration.

Big Idea: ATP is lot like your cell phone.

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ADP, Science, metabolism (Cellular Processes), cellular respiration, reactants, catalyst, catabolic reactions, Energy, ATP, hydrolysis, dehydration synthesis, reaction, protein, lock and key, enzymes, enzyme catalyzed reaction
  60 minutes
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