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This is the third time I assigned my students a writing prompt that required them to use scientific evidence to respond.  In each case, I was a little frustrated by the disconnect between their typical writing ability, and what they were producing for these assignments (see Faux News: Energy or Responding to Arguments with Evidence).  After this third time around, I realized they need more support with this new type of writing.  I've been sending them the assignments electronically, and they are skipping right to drafting with no plan. The next time I do an assignment like this, I will have my students complete a graphic organizer to use as prewriting, helping to ensure they remember beginning and ending sentences, as well as responding to more than one claim.

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End Mining Now!

Unit 6: Natural Resources
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT respond to an argument against mining using evidence.

Big Idea: How can you respond to arguments using evidence?

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Science, Evaluation and Analysis, natural resources, Mining
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