Reflection: Real World Applications Radioactive Decay and Half-lives - Section 4: Elaborate Part II


I feel that it is important that students understand that the scientific concepts that we learn in class have come from the work of many scientists.  In particular I try to highlight the work of women and scientists of color whenever possible.  My goal is to help my students understand that the concepts that they are learning in class are not just "know" but that people have come up with these ideas.  Furthermore, that these people are not just all White men, and that they are also people like my students (most of whom are non-White, and half of which are female).

In this unit, I am able to do this by talking about Marie Curie.  The book from which I have students read and have adapted an activity is called Multicultural Women of Science.  It is no longer available for purchase, but you can find used copies online.  This book has 37 different women who have been integral to science and engineering.   

In the past I have also had students perform research projects on a scientists who has played a role in chemistry which is another great way for students to learn about scientists.   If you want to use more ideas like this in class another great resource which talks about Latino/a scientists is the SACNAS biography project.  Another great resource to check out is the Latinos in Math and Science Reference from the Library of Congress. 

  Teaching students about the scientists, not just the ideas
  Real World Applications: Teaching students about the scientists, not just the ideas
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Radioactive Decay and Half-lives

Unit 9: Unit 10: Nuclear Chemistry and Final Exam Review
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Objective: Students will be able to model how unstable nuclei decay based on half-lives through taking notes, performing practice questions, and doing a Marie Curie Activity.

Big Idea: Radioactive nuclei decay in different amounts of time based on their half-lives.

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