Reflection: Literary Discussion Roles: Illustrator - Section 3: Did They Get It?


As I walk around the room and listen to my students' conversations, I find that I am redirecting the same behavior time and again.  Seventh graders are all about appearances and how they are perceived by their classmates.  Some of them are so caught up in being social, that they are incapable of having an academic discussion, even one that is as guided as this one.

I have found that it works really well to stay with a group that is having trouble focusing and really walk them through the steps of sharing their illustrations. 

By walking them through each step and giving each student in the group time to formulate a thought and express it, they are learning the value of patience and listening to each other - skills that will serve them well as we continue towards our goal of a true literary discussion.

  What? 7th graders need help talking?
  What? 7th graders need help talking?
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Literary Discussion Roles: Illustrator

Unit 8: Using Tom Sawyer for an Introduction to Literary Discussions
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze how the elements of a story interact by drawing a picture and citing textual evidence.

Big Idea: Visualize it, draw it, and cite it!

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English / Language Arts, literature circles, discussions
  50 minutes
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