Reflection: Student Ownership MINI BIO BLITZ - Section 3: Graphing Our Results


Ok, who do we want to do the learning here, the teacher or the student? When I asked the students how we might share all that they discovered about diversity in a very small space, they suggested some good ideas. Several involved 2 groups sharing and then those groupings sharing with other groups. Students suggested tally marks, charts and graphs.

In my head I was planning on a graph, but then I realized that the students had good ideas and I should honor their thinking, so I backed off from my original graph idea. I let them combine into groups of 4 and create a representation of how many things they 2 groups found together. 

From there we were able to share out the 4 groups and using the 2 graphs, the picture chart and the tally sheet. The students were able to see an amazing display of diversity in a very small space of only 8 3 X 3 foot squares. 

I let them take over and they excitedly shared their amazement at the diversity that they found in such a little area. We both learned from the lesson.

  Letting Students Take Over
  Student Ownership: Letting Students Take Over
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Unit 6: How Does It Grow
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT tally and sketch the many different plants and insects found in a 3X3 square of outdoor space

Big Idea: A Mini Bio Blitz gives students a first hand glimpse at the number of different plants and animals in a small space.

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Science, plants, reasoning, observations, sunlight, nature, dark
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