Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Technology and Gardening - Section 4: The Big Debate


The first "formal" debate for my second graders went very well. I was impressed by how well they presented their ideas, listened to one another, asked questions and responded to one another. Students took the job of listening and responding to questions seriously. One student asked if windmills made butter and the other students explained that windmills were for generating electricity, "like the stuff that comes through the wires into your house and right into your tv." It was a perfect second grade explanation. 

The one thing that I noticed that I will change next time is making sure everyone participates. Several students on each team took over as spokespeople. They asked and answered the questions. The other students were quiet but not actively engaged. They, most likely, did not get as much out of the discussion as did the students who listened carefully so they could ask or answer a question.

Next time I will have the students each be responsible for reading 1 statement, and responding to 1 question. I will give them colored cards so they can turn in the red card for reading a statement, the blue for answering a question and the green for asking a question. That way, I will have a clear picture of who has participated and can call on those who are not involved, and the students will know that they are accountable for getting involved in the process.

The students were ready to carry out the simple debate and to share what they knew about technology and farming. It was their first scientific debate and a great introduction.

  Getting Everyone Involved
  Adjustments to Practice: Getting Everyone Involved
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Technology and Gardening

Unit 6: How Does It Grow
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Objective: SWBAT describe one use of technology and its influence in the growing of plants

Big Idea: Technological advances have revolutionized farming, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Students will be introduced to the pros and cons of technological influences on farming.

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