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This was the first year I have done Socratic Seminars.  I spent more time on this in my social studies classes during our current events unit, but I loved it so much I also added it to my science class.  What I really loved about the seminars is that it gave me such a different look at my classes and students.  The students that thrive and star in the Seminars are usually totally different students that thrive in the regular classroom.  In fact, many of the best students in seminar were my ADD- can't sit still, can't be quiet boys.  It felt so amazing to give them a positive classroom experience and almost immediately I saw a change in their demeanor, confidence, and outlook towards the class.  This was a great reminder to me that EVERY child needs to feel successful in class.

I also really like the way this strategy was connected to reading and was another way to make reading rigorous.  Students had to prove their points by using information from the text.  If they didn't several other students would instantly call them on it.  They also saw the relevance to reading more.  When the students knew they were going to be in a debate, they would read with that in mind.  

Overall, I love the strategy and will be using it more next year.

  Socratic Seminar
  High Quality Task: Socratic Seminar
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Separating Mixtures: Follow up

Unit 9: Mixtures: Separating Mixtures
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Objective: Students will be able to analyze the reasoning behind using wastewater as drinking water and the safety of the engineering behind this idea.

Big Idea: Is wastewater safe to drink?

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waste water treatment stage samples
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