Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge KWL Test Review - Section 2: Direct Instruction - Using The KWL Chart In A New Way!


I wanted to put a new spin on one of my favorite in an effort to provide a chapter review for my students.  With NGSS, student self-reflection is important in that students need to be able to explain what they know and what does the curriculum mean.  Using the KWL chart to identify what students already "K"now allowed the class to identify our experts and be honest with the effort needed by other students to prepare for the upcoming assessment.  The "W"ant to know aspect provided students a platform to ask me clarifying questions pertaining to the curriculum.  Students enjoyed this time in class to have small group conferences and receive additional instruction.  The "L"earn component of the KWL chart was a way for students to evaluate their own level of learning through this activity.  In an effort to build confidence as they approached the unit assessment, I wanted students to be able to identify what they have learned and prove that they can do anything they put their minds to. 

I challenge you to put a new spin on the old KWL favorite.  It was a success in my classroom and I am confident it will be beneficial to your students too!

  The New and Improved KWL
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: The New and Improved KWL
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KWL Test Review

Unit 10: Introduction to Genetics
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT utilize the KWL strategy to identify areas of mastery, areas of deficits, and areas of growth throughout the lesson in preparation of an upcoming assessment.

Big Idea: A new twist on an old favorite! This lesson utilizes the KWL chart as a strategy to identify areas of need as students prepare for tomorrow's chapter test.

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Science, Biology / Life Science, Genetics, test preparation, KWL, Student Self, summative activity
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