Reflection: Student Ownership Patterns in Mutliplication and Division - Section 3: Class discussion


Thinking about reteaching this lesson I am considerring ways to make it less teacher directive. I really like the strategy of speaking in half sentences, because it forces my students to do some of the thinking. However, sometimes I think this still gives more information to students than may be necessary. In trying to plan lessons in which students do as much of the thinking as possible I try to construct questions and prompts that will really focus their "noticing".

  •  Instead of "guiding" with half sentences through the patterns of integer multiplication rules (negxpos=?, posxneg=?, etc.) I gave them the same list on the board and tried prompting them with: "Figure out and explain what is happening in terms of hot and cold cubes in order to decide whether the product will be negative or positive."
  • Instead of guiding their observations after circling the positive product pair and the negative product pair I asked them: "What patterns do you notice in the factors that result in a positive product?" and "what patterns do you notice in the factors that result in a negative product?" 

In one class I decided to follow up on the second discussion with the question: "why does it make sense that this pattern is happening?" and I got one response that blew me away! One girl generalized beyond the context of hot and cold cubes and talked about the sameness of subtraction and negative. She explained that when we take away a decrease it's just like an increase, like "you're subtracting a subtraction". 

  Don't tell; ask
  Student Ownership: Don't tell; ask
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Patterns in Mutliplication and Division

Unit 4: Operations with Integers
Lesson 23 of 24

Objective: SWBAT multiply and divide integers by competing with one another in a game.

Big Idea: Students will use multiplication and division to help develop strategies.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations and Expressions, dividing integers, dividing negative numbers, game, providing context
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