Reflection: Performance Tasks Mutations, part 2 - Section 4: Independent Practice


I really like this lesson because it allows my students to see the concept of adaptive advantage in a real world context.  The examination of sickle cell disease shows how an adaptive advantage in one environment may play out differently in another environment.

I always have more than one student in each class who has had an experience with sickle cell disease.  Allowing them to understand its origin and why it’s so prevalent in the African- American community allows them to gain knowledge that will help protect them and their offspring because they learn the importance of genetic screening.

This is also one of my favorite lessons because the independent practice activity allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts in such unique and creative ways.  The use of art as part of students’ evidence of concept mastery always inspires me when I view their work products.  I can never predict how students will decide to show their understanding of a concept when it involves use of creative integration but I am always blown away by their creative ideas and depictions.  I love all the work samples but was really struck by the the creativity and variety of ideas as evidenced by the ROYGBIV student work  or numbers work.

  Performance Tasks: Real World Application and Arts integration
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Mutations, part 2

Unit 2: Unit 3- Growth and Heredity
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to describe the relationships between changes in DNA and potential appearance of new traits including insertions, deletions and substitutions.

Big Idea: Arts integration helps students deepen their understanding of the different types of mutations.

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Science, mutation, deletions, frameshift mutation, insertions, translocation, point mutation
  60 minutes
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