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Usually, I allow, and encourage my students to make meaning from doing. I believe in exploring and making sense of the world before I, or anyone, puts labels on the concept. However, in this situation, and in others throughout the year, I realized that the exploration would be meaningless and very difficult if there was not any background knowledge. 

This type of "step" research is very effective in building knowledge at a comfortable pace.  Also, but controlling what information the students use, I am able to ensure that I don't "give anything away" from the investigation, but I am able to ensure an outcome that will make the students more informed scientists. 

  Why Not Just Jump In??
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Why Not Just Jump In??
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Electromagnets (1/3)

Unit 9: Electricity
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to construct understanding about electromagnets through structured research.

Big Idea: Students have learned and experimented with both magnetism and electricity. It is now time, during these 3 lessons, to put that information together and explore the concept of electromagnets!

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Science, Electricity, magnetism, electricity, electromagnets, scientific research, conductors, insulators
  38 minutes
researching electomagnets
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