Reflection: ELL Students Magnets- Attraction and Repulsion - Section 3: Explain and Question


At the 3rd grade level, the words used in lessons about magnets, while simpler than those in some other content areas, are worth reviewing with students.  I have a magnet vocabulary that I made for myself as a reminder to go over some of the basic verb tenses, in conversation or in a quick small group practice, with students who needed that additional support.  For example, while the verbs repel and attract  do not have unusual conjugations, they both are followed by prepositions and this can be confusing for students.  At the same time that I am working to build basic grammar skills and conversational strategies for 2nd language learners, I can also provide language enrichment by pointing out the relationship between these verbs and the related concept nouns, repulsion and attraction.  Finally, I introduce students to the adjectives repulsive and attractive, and explain that these are value-laden terms that are not used in the science we will be conducting.  

  ELL Students: Topic Specific Vocabulary
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Magnets- Attraction and Repulsion

Unit 9: Magnetism
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to safely use and observe the properties of strong magnets.

Big Idea: Science safety enables students to engage in more interesting explorations.

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