Reflection: Rigor Mystery Powders (Part 2/2) - Section 1: Extend


Extend The Inquiry. . .because that brings rigor to the experience. 

I found value in this part of the learning, both for my students and myself. Extending brings rigor to the learning because vocabulary is enriched, skills develop, and insights are formed.

I learned that, when given the opportunity, students will and do rise to a challenge. I (also) learned that, I need to "let go" at times so that students can explore more. Sometimes, due to demands beyond our control, we(teachers) move forward with curriculum and don't spend that extra time extending a lesson. There is a lot of valuable learning that takes place when students extend their thinking, test their hypothesis, retest the work, and justify their answers. Students begin to develop a deeper and broader understanding of the content. I learned from them! Take the time to let students extend and elaborate on the experience.

  Extend The Inquiry
  Rigor: Extend The Inquiry
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Mystery Powders (Part 2/2)

Unit 8: Matter and Atoms
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: SWBAT explore and identify unknown samples of matter by their physical and chemical properties.

Big Idea: What is an indicator? Drawing on their knowledge of physical and chemical properties, students investigate and use indicators to identify unknown mystery powders.

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Science, chemical change (Chem), chemical reaction, physical property, chemical property, evidence, indicator
  40 minutes
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