Reflection: Checks for Understanding "I’ve read something like this before"…Connecting To the Text - Section 4: The Students Take A Turn


Take the time, as students complete their diagram, to walk around and listen to their justifications for answers.

 I was surprised to hear some of their answers!  Some students had unique ideas (such as 'the people were from mean' or 'the sheep were not very smart'.  I enjoyed hearing why they picked their choices.  It was also a chance to prompt students who were struggling and really get a 'peek' into their thinking. Here's an example of some teacher prompting and I verify his answers that we talked through.

I was happy to see they could pick out some differences, but realized that many of them were very literal.  They were not able to really determine that one character was purposefully lying or the other character was fooled by the wolf.  We'll do a lesson on deeper connections and character motivation to address this.

  Checks for Understanding: Listen to the students and their justifications for answers...
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"I’ve read something like this before"…Connecting To the Text

Unit 4: Connecting with Key Details and Theme
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT connect the key details of similar fables and compare/contrast the theme and central ideas.

Big Idea: The important stories connect with a great moral but... they're not quite the same!

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betsy cried wolf
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