Reflection: Trust and Respect Predicting Probability With Punnett Squares - Section 4: Guided Practice - Predicting With Your Partner


Many students have been introduced to the basic concepts of genetics in their middle school science classes, but not all students so there is a large difference in student understanding in our Genetics Unit.  In an effort to build student confidence, I try to implement collaborative groups to begin to build student confidence before they are expected to work on independently.  In order to make this collaborative strategy more effective I always try to arrange my class seating chart where students of varied understanding/effort are near each other in an attempt to inspire students to reach their potential.  Students seem to like the opportunity to work together when we first introduce new content topics.  Good luck and try this strategy in your own class!

  Collaborate To Build Confidence
  Trust and Respect: Collaborate To Build Confidence
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Predicting Probability With Punnett Squares

Unit 10: Introduction to Genetics
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT predict the probability of a single trait cross by developing a punnett square to visualize the variation and distribution of a given trait.

Big Idea: No need for a crystal ball to tell the future! Punnett squares will assist your students in predicting the outcomes of simple genetic crosses.

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