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I encourage teachers to NOT grade a "writing to think". I think when we grade the writing we put an evaluative number on student thoughts and that is exactly what we don't want to do.

This year was my first time using the writing to think notebooks. I gave myself the luxury of just getting used to the structure and I didn't even read the writing until the end of the semester. When I finally looked inside, I was so nervous I would see students just goofing off, not taking it seriously but I was really pleasantly surprised! There were clearly some days when the students didn't want to write, but for the most part they were doing the right thing which was writing and thinking at their level. This was an important lesson to me that if you build the right culture in the class, the students will rise further than your expectations.  



  Writing to think and grading
  Rigor: Writing to think and grading
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Natural Selection: Discovery

Unit 10: Adaptation: Natural Selection
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Objective: Students will be able to uncover some of the important questions that surround the theory of evolution and natural selection.

Big Idea: How did the elephant get its trunk?

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Science, natural selection
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