Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Body and Mind: Genetic Testing of Parkinson's Disease! - Section 4: Explain


      In this section of the lesson, students use the skills of research and reorganizing information to develop an understanding of the molecular events that lead to Parkinson's symptoms. As this can be a difficult task and concept to absorb and restructure, students require varied entry points to access the information that they need to grapple with. As such, students were provided with options to learn the material (infographic versus article) to appeal to their cognitive abilities and comfort levels. When implementing this part of the lesson, provide students with varied options based on your assessment of your class to ease the anxiety that can easily accompany tasks that demand higher level of thinking. 

  Differentiation Can Be Simple As Student Choice!
  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiation Can Be Simple As Student Choice!
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Body and Mind: Genetic Testing of Parkinson's Disease!

Unit 10: Brain Damage and Disease
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students will analyze and interpret genetic data to the identify the nature of a neurodengerative medical condition.

Big Idea: Genes house the data which determines our mental and physical health statuses.

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