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In this lesson the students are learning about equal groups and how to use one to one correspondence to check to see if the groups are equal.  One to one correspondence is the ability to match an object in one group to a number or object in another group.  This is an important skill that the students will use as we continue working with comparing groups and as we begin to learn about numbers.  I found that my students caught on to this skill pretty quickly.  While students were working on the worksheet I wrote down the names of the students who were struggling with this skill.  Some of the errors I noticed were students drawing a line from an object in one group to multiple objects in the other group, students drawing lines connecting objects in the same group, and students who drew lines to connect some objects but did not make sure to do it for all of the objects in the group.  I pulled the students who made these errors to my small group table during centers to practice one to one correspondence.  In the small group, we used manipulatives instead of a paper in pencil task.

  The Importance of One-to-One Correspondence
  Intervention and Extension: The Importance of One-to-One Correspondence
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Finding Equal Groups

Unit 1: Comparing and Sorting Objects
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Objective: Students will be able to compare groups of objects to decide if they are equal.

Big Idea: Comparing the number of objects in two groups using one to one correspondence is a foundational skill that students will build on as they begin to compare numbers. This lesson also introduce a key vocabulary term- equal.

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