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One of the parts of the shared reading lessons that I like the best is that the students get to look at the same text over a period of three days.  From my evidence in the classroom this cannot be overstated.  The first day most of my students will be confused and wary.  By the second day they can read and discuss with more confidence.  By the third day, the students treat the reading with fluent familiarity.  This growth in confidence is essential for all readers but especially for struggling readers.  If you imagine yourself as a student who always had trouble getting information from a text, you can understand how painful reading in class can be for students.  Shared reading helps students change their opinions on reading as a whole.

It also has another very important aspect.  It increases the rigor expectation for the students.  When we examine a text deeply over a period of days instead of simply try to get the main idea in a few minutes, we push students to use visualization, inferences, determining importance and all the other reading skills that we will need as adults.  We teach them to be the literate science consumers we need instead of people who just read and think shallowly. 

  Rigorous Reading
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Natural Selection: Follow up

Unit 10: Adaptation: Natural Selection
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to follow the basic ideas of natural selection in an infogram and apply those ideas to the story of the Peppered Moth.

Big Idea: Natural Selection brings about change.

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Science, natural selection
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peppered moth illustration
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