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When I first started explicitly teaching reading in science and not just embedding science readings, I thought that reading always meant textbooks or articles.  As I started learning more and more about genres I realized that there are many types of reading that we do in science.  In fact, I would say that we get more information from infograms than we do from formal articles.  Students still need to be able to decode infograms, graphs, and pictures.  They need to be able interpret findings and locate bias and data manipulation. But how can we expect them to do this if we don't explicitly teach it?  By using different genres as reading opportunities we are opening more doors for our students.

  Why choose Infographics as a reading genre?
  Relevance: Why choose Infographics as a reading genre?
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Natural Selection: Direct Instruction

Unit 10: Adaptation: Natural Selection
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Objective: Students will be able to read an infogram about natural selection and pick out text features.

Big Idea: Infograms: An easier way to get understanding.

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Science, natural selection
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