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         While students are following a prescribed set of instructions to eventually differentiate/assess the health status of fictional patients in this activity, a conceptual understanding and fond appreciation for the technique is difficult without chunking the steps that they must follow before they proceed. ELISA is a highly conceptual process that demands content fluency in the area of biochemistry and immunology to comprehend its overall medical splendor. This is why it is important to introduce the procedure to students via review of these concepts foremost before you layer it with the technique's mechanics via video and teacher demonstration (while explaining the science behind each step to build a better level of comprehension of students). This foundation is critical to how well students interpret, understand and apply their findings. 

  Unraveling Student Potential: Demonstration and Explanation are Key Lab Procedures!
  Routines and Procedures: Unraveling Student Potential: Demonstration and Explanation are Key Lab Procedures!
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Biotechnology + Alzheimer's= Discovery of Diagnosis

Unit 10: Brain Damage and Disease
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will follow precisely a complex multistep biotechnological procedure to test fictional patients for Alzheimer's Disease.

Big Idea: Alzheimer's is a complex genetic disease that requires a litany of biotechnological tools and knowledge for earlier detection and diagnosis.

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