Reflection: Lesson Planning Make Vocabulary Meaningful - Section 1: What Is A Word Sort? Why Is It Important?


Build background knowledge by teaching, reteaching, and reinforcing vocabulary. Background knowledge manifests itself as vocabulary knowledge. Research and theory strongly suggest that teaching vocabulary is synonymous with teaching background knowledge and that background knowledge is a predictor of how well students will learn.

There are a variety of vocabulary strategies that can improve academic achievement and bring rigor to the lesson such as using: a word sort, a word splash, the Frayer Model, and/or vocabulary games. During the school year, I incorporate an assortment of these strategies. 

As one ongoing strategy, I have students keep a vocabulary journal. Students use one journal page per vocabulary word and implement the Frayer Model for that term. Students write the word and definition, draw and color a picture that brings meaning to the word, and provide examples/nonexamples for that term. This journal is set up at the start of the school year and worked on during the year. Periodically, I have students engage in activities that help them add to their knowledge of the terms.

  Vocabulary Strategies Improve Academic Achievement
  Lesson Planning: Vocabulary Strategies Improve Academic Achievement
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Make Vocabulary Meaningful

Unit 8: Matter and Atoms
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT categorize words into groups and justify the grouping of words.

Big Idea: Grow your student's vocabulary by implementing a word sort and word splash. These strategies focus on the meaning of domain-specific vocabulary and help to develop a deep discussion with students.

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