Reflection: Checks for Understanding What Can We Do to Save Our Environment? - Section 4: Wrap Up


Students always enjoy using their Chromebooks. It is a way to include technology in the classroom while allowing the students the creativity to express themselves. Having students present their presentations allows me to check for understanding and ensure that they have successfully mastered the objective. It was clear from the presentations that the students were really proficient in their understanding of decomposition of organic and inorganic materials.

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What Can We Do to Save Our Environment?

Unit 10: Flow of Matter and Energy: Recycling & Decomposition
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Objective: Students will be able to explain how the use of a product or practice impacts the environment.

Big Idea: Students will create presentations that shares ways to dispose of organic and inorganic materials to save the environment.

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Science, Technology and Engineering, Energy (Physical Science), recycling, life science, decomposition, matter
  46 minutes
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