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 When teaching this lesson I have found it important to share with students that they should not worry about having a value for every single item in each category if the item doesn't pertain to them or their household. Also don't let them stress about calculating exact hours of use. They want to go for a general idea of energy consumption in each of the categories. You may need to be flexible around transportation and help them figure out reasonable values for these subcategories. For instance if they are driven to school every day what is the average round-trip or if they travel by plane a few times a year and those distances vary come up with an average amount for them to use. So bottom line, be flexible and ask your students to work with "best-guess" values for each category.

  General Ideas over Specific
  Flexibility: General Ideas over Specific
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Energy Audit Part 2: Personal Energy Use

Unit 5: Energy: Where we get it and how we use it.
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Objective: SWBAT determine how much energy they use around their home and evalatue their consumption of electricity.

Big Idea: Students take a look at their personal energy habits and evaluate their use.

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